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Art Supplies

Fabric Dyes

Adding colour is the easiest way to give new life to old clothes. Find fabric dye in the full spectrum of colours at Lincraft to get any effect you desire in your fashion and upholstery projects.

If you're dyeing cotton and other natural fabrics, choose Rit dye and Dylon dye in the colours you prefer. One packet of clothes dye has enough colour to dye one standard item of clothing, or you can experiment with different dye strengths for a vivid or pastel finish.

If you're dyeing synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, you need iDye Poly fabric dye which you'll also find in a complete range of colours and shades. Stock up on as much fabric dye as you need and find more ways to personalise your clothing projects with fabric paints and iron-on letters in our online store.

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